Hanging Roots

The upcoming collection is a new beginning to me. Beginning of a new era which contains various experiences gained through drawing media. These experiences are gained through the process of building, ruining, burning, rebuilding, sketching, erasing and etc. which gradually along all its nuances specify the subjects and own the creation of shapes and forms
Though by taking a step back some questions would be raised. Questions like why would some one build a work that could be ruined or rebuild. Why should one be willing to restore a work or erase a sketch knowing that it is not completely erasable…it may be faded but not entirely erased
The importance of these questions is not in answering them but in pointing to an atmosphere in which I have been experiencing the art of drawing and accordingly I have been trying to depict this atmosphere
Naming this collection as ‘hanging roots’ is an attempt to untether the shapes from their literal definition by conceptual implication to this atmosphere. Literal definitions which could be in constant movement from simple shapes like portrait of a friend, root of a tree, a cubic or chair of an atelier to concepts like human, nature or object.