Before anything, Sadegh Amirrahmani’s works represent forms and colors that engage us. There is no unified topic and the lived experiences of the artist are directly presented to us in the form of watercolor painting. In this regard, he has stated, “if I want to paint something, I paint it right in the middle of the canvas or paper. I don’t understand why the composition should be determined based on a set of principles. I’m not deeming those teachings wrong, but they come from another state of mind. Perhaps I’ll experience them someday. I have always had color in my work, but I never use color as the mood of my work. There are times that the work looks beautiful, but it isn’t finished. These are the times that you should stop controlling the work and allow it to continue on its way”.
He preserves his relation with the work until the end and does not attempt to control or embellish it. Therefore, his works have a tangible reality that even takes the audience to the moment they were created.

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