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These works are from several different sets. However, there is a unifying theme that formed them and their creation process is similar. The central themes of these sculptures include manipulated nature, human destruction, and loneliness of nature when confronted with humankind. After sketching and building an initial structure, pre-prepared pieces of paper mâché or pieces remaining from previous works, metal wires, and wax cords were formed by assemblage. Ultimately, the final texture of the form of the work was made by multiple thin layers of pulp.
Paper mâché needs time to be dried and working layer by layer prolongs the performance of the work. Added to the assemblage method, this creates the opportunity to review and reform the sculptures and sometimes the final form of a sculpture turns out different from the initial sketch. This improvisation and unpredictability of the works provide the space for me to discover and play.
Texture is an important part of the formation process of these works and the materials used in the structure and concept are shaped under the influence of form. In the formation of these works, several thin layers of pulp are often used to achieve the final texture, making it, at times, unpredictable for me.


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Dimensions 25 × 35 × 47 cm
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