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I am Delaram Pirouz. I was born in 1978 in Ahvaz, Iran. I graduated from the University of Kashan in earthenware and ceramic handicrafts in 2006. My husband and I started our own workshop in Isfahan in 2006. We participated in different group exhibitions and biennale in the last 14 years.
My method of work is as follows: first, I sketch a conceptual form which is often inspired by nature and I try to preserve the proportions in the lines and details of the work.
After designing and dimensioning, I perform the works with clay. I make some of the works on pottery wheel and some are hand-made (for example, using coiling).
After making the forms by clay, I begin the initial stage of burning (biscuit firing). Next, I glaze the biscuit works and fire them in a kiln.
We use a particular kind of glaze (reduction glaze) in our works.
One of the interesting and exciting points about reduction glaze is that chance is involved in the variety of colors.
In this technique, we take away the oxygen in metal oxides by smoking them in the kiln and as a result, a layer of glaze with metal gloss and natural color forms on the work. Performance and control of this glaze firing technique requires a lot of experience and skill.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 25 cm

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