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Saggar firing with aluminum foil

Saggar firing is an alternative firing method, in which a ceramic object is shielded from direct contact with the kiln atmosphere. In the traditional form of the method, the shielding is done by placing the ceramic object in a container, also made of ceramic, while in a newer form, it is done using aluminum foil. Contact of different organic materials and minerals with a ceramic object creates random, eye-catching patterns on its surface. Sugar, seaweed, copper wires, tree leaves, ferric chloride, and salt are some of the things laid, in this technique, over a ceramic object, which is later coated in aluminum foil before being placed in the kiln. Confinement of such materials inside the aluminum covering, presence of kiln dust and gases and similar materials, along with the drop in the oxygen level inside the kiln, lead to beautiful patterns on the ceramic surface. No two ceramic objects come out the same in this alternative firing technique.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 13 cm

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